In Frankfurt, a horse goes for a walk every day along the route it once walked with its owner

In Frankfurt am Main, residents can see the same picture every day: the magnificent Arabian horse Jenny walks the streets, moreover, every day along the same route.

A note is usually attached to it for those who are not familiar with the mare that this is Jenny.She has not escaped anywhere and is just walking. The online publication notes that for 15 years the horse has been walking alone, since its owner is already 80 years old and his health condition doesn’t allow him to ride.

Sometimes the horse walks in the company of the German Shepherd Evita. The horse walks in a circle eight times and goes to his home for dinner. The owner assures that she feels the time exactly as soon as she gets hungry, which always happens at the same time.

The townspeople are already accustomed to Jenny roaming the streets and the Frankfurt police assured that there was no danger. Yes, and the population of European cities has already reached the point of awareness not to offend animals and not to see the threat from them where it does not exist.So the horse, walking by itself, has become one of the unique attributes of the famous city.

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