In just an hour, the saddest shelter cat became unrecognizable

The nickname of this cat is BenBen and on the social network, he has earned a reputation as the saddest cat. The unfortunate man lived in a shelter and they were already going to send him to the rainbow with an injection.

The cat received a severe vertebral injury, there were many wounds on it and one ear was missing. Most likely, he ran away from the paws of a dog or a group of aggressive stray cats, but the possibility was also not ruled out that this was the work of human hands.


The shelter staff shared that the cat seemed to have a premonition that his end was near, he refused to eat and drink and was with a drooping muzzle or lay and stared blankly at one point.

The story of the cat became known to the nurse of the veterinary clinic.She asked her husband and together they went to take the cat. Doctors assured him that he would never be able to walk again, but proper treatment allowed him not only to walk, but also to run and jump high on the windowsill like a cat.

He is still on antibiotics, but the positive dynamics is obvious. And the saddest cat was transformed, becoming joyful and cheerful. By the way, he cheered up immediately after the husband and wife brought him into the car, as if feeling their salvation.

And we express our gratitude to the people who gave the animal a second chance.

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