In order to the homeless animals didn’t suffer from frost, they came up with an incredible solution

Even if we associate Turkey with a warm southern country, the winters there are sometimes quite severe. And in the country there are a huge number of street animals that are simply not adapted to life in such conditions.

But, to great joy, there are also many good souls who come up with different ways to facilitate the condition of these animals, and our case is just one of such examples.

In a large mall in Istanbul, employees decided not to close the doors at night so that stray animals would come in to warm themselves. Some especially caring shopkeepers even spread cardboard boxes under the window to make them even more comfortable.

And one of the boutiques even let them inside and they gladly used them. And a man named Seljuk, the owner of a cafe and a pet store in the same mall, even took twelve cats to himself, which wasn’t to the liking of all his visitors, but his love for animals turned out to be stronger.

We hope that the act of a man will become an example for others, especially in the season when it is especially difficult for them: in winter frosts and summer heat.

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