In the winter, people kicked out a non-walking cat from the entrance, not allowing her to warm up

Elena ran into Frosya at her entrance. She saw that the animal could not rise to its feet, it was also noticeable that the animal had problems with the eyes. Elena began to feed the cat, but the rest of the tenants did not like it, they said that the cat should be driven out into the street, although the temperature was below zero. Not all people are capable of kindness and compassion. Elena did not know what to do, so she asked for help from me.

Frosya spent a week on the site of the high-rise building, at the same time, she hardly moved, only occasionally crawling from place to place with difficulty.

On the same day we took the cat to the clinic, I paid for the examination and the necessary medicines. The doctor found that Frosya had a viral disease and a severe bruise. She was very weak, so we were immediately prescribed treatment.

Judging by the behavior of the kitty, she used to be domestic, and knowing about her injuries, I thought that her owners threw her out the window. The animal got used to people and life in the house, but on the street she began to have a real panic.

Frosya could not be returned to the entrance, so I was faced with the question of finding an overexposure for her. I myself could not take care of her, because I had a small kitten, unvaccinated and weak, who could catch an infection from a cat.

No one wanted to deal with a sick animal. I decided to call Denis. He manages a paid zoo hotel and at that time a dozen of my wards had already visited him.

Denis just had one apartment empty for a very reasonable price, he agreed to take our new ward to him. So Frosya got a warm house and the care she needed so much. Denis is actively engaged in the treatment of the girl, so we hope that she will recover soon.

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