Incredible nobility. A young man opened a house for old and abandoned animals

The compassion and selflessness of some people in relation to their owners cannot but rejoice. Especially if we compare them in contrast with others who are very cruel towards animals and, often, can leave them to their fate, leaving them on the street while how others cannot pass by and pick them up.

And our story will be about such a kind young man. Steve lost his dog, which suddenly lost its life. He suffered the loss very hard and went to the shelter for a new pet. The guy was going to take a puppy from there, but stopping in front of the chihuahua enclosure, he could not pass by. It turned out that the dog lived with his owners for 12 years, and by old age they abandoned him, and so he ended up in a shelter.

The old animal causes a lot of inconvenience and trouble, and therefore the dog did not even hope that someone would take it away. He sat in a corner and did not react to people. Steve wanted to pick it up. He was sure that the animal deserved a peaceful old age.

And it was then that Steve thought that many of these old pets no one needs and are abandoned without love and care. The guy decided to open a small shelter for the elderly. At first he took dogs, but then the composition expanded with a pig, a pigeon, a turkey and several rabbits.

He gives all his time to his pets and gives everyone love and care.

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