It seemed to people that the dog was mourning the owner, but then they noticed that under it was

This incredibly interesting story happened in Serbia on one of the tombs. The story of this dog has spread all over the world. Somehow people noticed what was happening on one grave.

A dog often visited there and could spend hours at the place of the last rest of his master, who had gone to the next world.She departed from there solely in an attempt to find food, and the people who came were surprised at the degree of devotion of the animal. They started feeding her. But autumn has already come, and winter has kept up with it along with frosts.

People realized that if the dog did not leave here, then it would simply freeze and they began to drive it away. But the shepherd, it seems, stubbornly sat down here and was not going to leave the place of the last rest of his master. The quick-witted dog even dug a hole for himself there, in which he would hide during severe frosts.

People took photos of the dog and posted them online and users were touched by her fidelity and drew parallels with the famous dog Hachiko, however, the situation was somewhat different.

One of the pictures of the dog caught the eye of the animal rights activist Vesna Mikhailovsky. She became interested in the animal and went to the cemetery to learn more about it. She was the only one who thought of coming closer to the hole and examining it.

And there she found something that shocked her, namely, four puppies. It turned out that she deliberately dug a hole to protect her cubs from the cold. The puppies were very tiny. Obviously, the shepherd gave birth just the other day.

Vesna was able to figure out that in the beginning the dog did indeed come here to see his master. But later she became pregnant and gave birth there. She did not know where to put her cubs, and for this reason she dug a hole very close by. There she took care of her puppies, kept them warm and fed.

The woman took a liking to the dog family and every day, for two weeks, she brought food for them. At first the mother dog was very suspicious of her and forbade her to feed the puppies. She only took food in her teeth and delivered it to the puppies, and only after some time did she begin to trust the woman.

It was in two weeks that Vesna won the shepherd’s trust and she allowed her to be taken with the puppies to a new home. That’s right, a woman with a gold heart gave the dog and her puppies a chance for a new life and a very great happiness that in our time there are more and more people who give hope that we aren’t completely hardened and become indifferent.

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