It seemed to the volunteers that no one would shelter this 12-kilogram fat man, but the phone does not stop from those who wish

A group of volunteers, placing an ad looking for an owner for a cat named DJ, believed that this would be a difficult task and everything would be delayed. However, as a result, the cattery’s phone was simply torn from hundreds of calls from potential owners.

The pet, at the same time, is an ordinary mongrel cat. However, our hero is still different from a large number of stray purrs. He is only two years old, and his weight, at the same time, is already more than 12 kilos.

The shelter staff assures that the cat isn’t at all aggressive, but, on the contrary, is affectionate and sociable. However, to shelter him in a family with small children, as taking such a strong man in his arms will be a real test.

Well, for those who are not lucky enough to become the owner of our wonderful DJ, the shelter staff can offer a large number of other equally charming purrs.

Now more and more people around the world are adopting animals from a shelter, because you can do a good deed without spending fabulous money, and a pet is first of all a true friend and a full-fledged family member, and not a way to show prestige and amount of money.

Do you agree with this? Are you ready to adopt a homeless animal? Write your opinion in the comments.

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