It’s not that easy: try to find 3 differences in a family photo

In this IQ test, the assessment will take place without a time limit. Thus, you can freely and leisurely search for differences. Yes, even if you spend a lot of time looking for hidden distinctions.

However, you also need to know how quickly you can spot differences. We have two twin images that actually have differences.

In the picture, you can see a family that loves to sleep, where the father, mother, brother, and sister are sound asleep.

A simple drawing, however, hides several differences that you need to find.

Be patient, it won’t be easy!

You’ll need to apply maximum concentration and attention.

Apparently, the family fell asleep because the atmosphere outside was conducive to sleep, as it was raining.

So, have you spotted any differences?

Are there really 3 differences?

To be sure, try looking at the image with the answer provided below.

If you like the puzzle, share it with your friends and see who solves it faster.

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