Japanese firm allows its workers to bring cats to workplace to relieve employees of stress

The Japanese are notorious workaholics. But the truth is, sometimes it ends up with people just “burning out at work.” In one of the companies of the country of the Rising Sun, they thought about how to save their employees from frequent stress.

They came up with a very unusual way – the stress helps them relieve the presence of cats in the office.
Internet solutions firm Ferray Corporation offered its employees a 5,000 yen bonus for bringing at least one cat into the office. And it is desirable to find it on the street. But you are also allowed to bring your pets.

Almost everyone who works at Ferray Corporation responded to the offer. Moreover, some brought more than one animal to work.
This allowed employees to contact animals without leaving their workplace and receive a charge of cat cuteness every day. The experiment turned out to be very successful.

As the management notes, the company’s productivity has become noticeably higher, communication within the office has also improved, but the level of stress, on the contrary, has decreased.

Another plus was that many of these cats were taken from the street and now they have their own home. In addition, they are now looked after and fed. Living in an office is much safer than living on the street.

So the Japanese managed to combine two useful things: increase productivity and provide housing for homeless animals. Everyone is happy and everyone is in a great mood.

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