Kenya’s oldest lion affects in rare footage

Lions, of course, are the kings of the animal world and it is difficult to remain indifferent to these noble and majestic creatures, proud and unlike others. And this reputation they have is well deserved and they frighten and attract at the same time.

And when you see a lion, it’s hard not to get afraid and start looking at it, despite the fear of a possible danger because it’s definitely worth it.

However, lions are often quite cute, because they are still cats, even if they are big and wild. And in old age, they look especially majestic, like this stunning lion named Morani in the footage of the talented wildlife photographer Leighton Lam.

The footage was taken in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. This lion is the oldest on the territory in the reserve. Most recently, his older brother passed away and he was left alone.

He has been alone for a long time, because, according to Lam, he was forced out of the pride by young and strong males, which is very natural for a lion population. At the age of Morani, lions sleep most of the day, sometimes up to 20 hours.

And the photographer was delighted to find him awake on the territory of the reserve very close and didn’t miss the chance to take pictures. And we are grateful to him for this chance, because we also have the opportunity to enjoy them.

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