Kind and caring stray cat raised 13 abandoned kittens

Teresa, a stray cat, had been spayed and needed to be nursed. After she came to herself and got stronger, the cat had to be released into the street again. During Teresa’s stay at foster care, the staff of the volunteer organization discovered two very tiny kittens, which were abandoned immediately after birth.

They brought the kittens to the shelter and waited for one of the adult cats to react to them, as the kids desperately called for their mother.

Teresa reacted. She began to purr, as if calling her cubs. The kittens were placed in her carrier and she immediately began to lick them.

The cat became the nurse of seven kittens of five , and every day more and more new babies appeared, which were placed next to her.

Of the 13 cubs that the caring cat brought up, unfortunately, only 5 survived. All five kittens were placed in caring hands.

But there was no place for the nurse and they wanted to return her to the street, where she would return to her wandering life.

The charming cat was noticed and decided to arrange a photo shoot with her for an advertisement that would take place in the house of one woman. Teresa behaved very decorously and well-mannered. She lay down lazily and purred with pleasure, the conditions were quite to her taste.

The woman realized that she could no longer leave such a cute and smart cat and decided to adopt her. So Teresa found a loving mistress and a warm home. Note that the woman was already a battered cat lady, but she admitted that throughout her practice she had not seen such an educated clever girl as our Teresa turned out to be.

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