Kittens survived and found their owners thanks to children playing in the yard

The children were playing their usual games and suddenly heard a kitten meow . They followed the sound and found a plastic bag in the bushes, which was tied tightly and crying came from it.

When the children untied the rope, they saw two tiny kittens there. If the children had not discovered them in time, then the crumbs simply would not have survived.

They took home the unfortunate, hungry and frightened kids.Fortunately the parents turned out to be kind people and seeing them, did not scold the children, but urgently began to take measures to save them.

They gave them milk and then gave them a good bath. During the whole evening they were busy with their kittens, they named them Murchik and Marquise. A few days later, they have already become lively, playful and active, delighting children and adults.

Parents became so attached to these babies that they realized that they couldn’t part with them. So Murchik and Marquise found their family.

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