Kitty, what are you doing? The cat calmly watched the owner until she drew a little spider

Cats are always close to their owners and watch them with interest. Ready to eat? Do you wash or iron clothes? The cat is right here. Even if you’re just lying on the couch, reading a book or painting, your pet is likely to be interested in what you’re doing.

For example, this cat was next to the owner, who really wanted to draw.

“What are you doing there, huh? Oh, it’s a spider!» read on the happy muzzle of the animal. Murlyka just sat next to the girl when she portrayed a spider on a piece of paper. And then the cat decided to react as if the insect were the most real thing.

Well, how is it? Doesn’t the cat realize that the spider is painted?

In fact, the animal, just like its owner, understands everything perfectly. This isn’t the first time the girl draws insects on paper. When she realized that her pet liked her art and noticed that he was not averse to playing with the drawing, the girl began to depict spiders on purpose.

The cat patiently waits for the moment when the hostess finishes drawing. Such an amusing act of pretense has become a favorite game of person and animal.

For many years, the owner of the cat has been drawing spiders and he still does not get tired of this delicious fun!

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