Little Twiglet is recognized as the most glamorous British Chihuahua

Recently, in one of the cities of Great Britain, Northamptonshire, a sweet and funny contest «Miss Chihuahua Town» took place, which was participated the very dogs that we often take lightly.
But the competition was incredibly colorful and stylish, and the number of «suits» of these dogs could only be envied.

The event was organized by actress and model Kelly Brook, who demonstrated her own brand of clothing and accessories for dogs. But it was precisely a beauty contest, and not a dog show or a competition in another parameter.

The main thing at the competition was to demonstrate glamor and beautiful outfits, so that the eyes rippled.

Dogs participated there, who already had experience as a model, so they defiled very glamorous and not at all embarrassed.

They walked along the red carpet, just like real stars, no worse. And even if the other dog lovers treate these crumbs somewhat dismissively, calling them not a dog, but a «dog-containing product», they can only sigh from their own wrong opinion.

After all, 800 participants in the competition prove that these dogs are incredibly popular and have a huge number of fans.

First of all, the ability of the contestants to impress the public was evaluated, and it was on this indicator that little Twiglet won, thanks to natural charisma and charm.

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