Lonely, abandoned the rabbit was trembling with fright and didn’t want to part with his beloved teddy bear

Once walking around in London, a man noticed a large box standing on the side of the road. He decided to look inside and find out what is there.

And when he saw the contents of the box, his heart sank with pity. A tiny gray rabbit huddled in the box. Eared was very frightened, and on a cold day only a small teddy bear helped him warm up.

No one could have imagined that a rabbit, so frightened and defenseless, would go out into the street in an ordinary box. It was very cold outside and it was far from warm and the unfortunate animal froze very badly before a man found him and contacted the volunteers.

The unfortunate rabbit was shivering with fright and cold when volunteer Lisa Miller came to pick it up. The fluffy gray rabbit was given the nickname Nigel and was first taken to the veterinarian. All this time he didn’t let go of his bear and there was no doubt that the plush toy was very dear to him.

Fortunately, the rabbit was healthy, which surprised the veterinarian very much because rabbits in general aren’t so healthy and hypothermia could be fatal. In the shelter, the baby was also very scared and all this time his favorite toy was nearby.

While Nigel lives in a shelter, but he is already looking for owners who will be more responsible and take proper care of him.

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