Lost cat returned to family after 10 years. All these years he lived in another family

A red and white kitten named Harry suddenly disappeared from the garden of his home in Great Yarmouth, Suffolk, in 2008. Its owner, 39-year-old Mark Salisbury, no longer believed that he would ever meet Harry and resigned himself to his loss.

But earlier this year, Harry was discovered in Ipswich, 60 miles from his home.

The cat lived all these 10 years or most of them in the house of an elderly man who died in January and the cat was then taken to a shelter. There, suddenly was found a microchip, which contained the address of his former owner.

When Harry disappeared, he was still just a kitten, but Mark managed to put a microchip on him, which has now served him well.

When Mark was told that his cat had been found, the man could not believe the news for a long time, but then he nevertheless went for the cat to the Blue Cross veterinary center, where he was kept.

Harry looks good, the old man took good care of him, and Mark thought that all these years his cat probably wandered the streets like a lost man.

Now Harry temporarily lives with Mark’s mother, since Mark himself just went on a business trip to Japan. but when he comes back, he will take the animal to him.

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