Mama dog has no idea why she and her cubs were abandoned at a shelter

Melody was sent to a Texas animal shelter last month. It was another unwanted pet, transferred to the shelter and no one knows anything about her former life in the family.

But her terrible condition and extreme exhaustion testified that the owners clearly neglected the care of the dog.

Melody recently gave birth to a litter of ten adorable cubs and she and her brood were taken to a shelter.

Despite being dangerously underweight, Melody made sure her children were well fed. The animal rights activists learned the story of the unfortunate dog and did everything to help her.

After the puppies had already stopped needing milk, Melody was included in the list for the last injection and the deadline was already approaching. Then they told about her on Facebook and,fortunately, a foster family was found.

She changed physically and spiritually as soon as she moved into her new foster family.

She was confident in her own safety, as well as in the safety of her offspring. She has gained a lot of weight, and the babies are just pretty, healthy and well-fed.

The rescue of this dog was made possible thanks to animal rights activists, but let’s not forget that there are many other dogs in shelters who also need help.

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