Man thought he was crazy when he heard a meow. It turned out that the kitten sat in the van for a week and could not get out

A man named Chris Bale from the UK thought all week that something had happened to him, as he heard strange meow sounds from the van.

The man called the neighbors to hear the sounds too, but they stubbornly did not hear anything. Chris even called his children, but they also did not hear anything. The man comforted them that the kitten had simply become silent. The children looked at their father like he was crazy.

But the man heard sounds, and they became quieter. Nothing else occurred to Chris how to take the car to a car service. And it turned out to be a very right decision, they dismantled the car for an hour and found a tiny kitten behind the instrument panel.

The car mechanic says that at first, he thought the idea of ​​finding a kitten was crazy, and he decided to look behind the control panel. And he saw small ears there, and then eyes, a muzzle and the kitten itself. It’s hard to believe that the kitten was sitting there all the time.

The baby was very exhausted, thin and hungry. He was immediately fed and taken to the doctor for an examination. The kitten was dirty, shocked by what was happening and had vision problems.

Over time, the kitten began to come to his senses. Chris is very happy that the kitten did not suffer much and hopes that soon the kitty will have owners.

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