Manul kitten left by mother in an abandoned car

The manul family decided to settle in an abandoned railway car, but the cat’s happiness didn’t last long.The car was moved to another place. The mother cat ran away leaving a little kitten who wasn’t even a month old. A few days later, a small animal was discovered by a young couple who decided to save him, no matter what. The wild animal was affectionately named Dana.

Manul was severely dehydrated and emaciated. I had to give him physical. solution and even then through a syringe. A little later they began to give milk, every 2-3 hours. The couple who saved the little manul behaved like the real parents of the cat. After each feeding, they rubbed the kitten «belly» and warmed it with their own hands.

Dana got stronger over time and was even able to switch to special cat food. She had an excellent appetite and after a hearty meal she liked to sleep.

Like all cats the manul grew very quickly so already at two months old Dana resolutely expressed her “fi” to canned food and asked for raw meat. Still, manul was primarily a wild cat. Blue eyes at birth, began to change their color to «predatory yellow».

Moreover manuls are very freedom-loving animals. Gradually, Dana got used to it completely: both in the house and in the yard. The “essence of the beast” began to wake up in her and she was no longer so willing to make contact with people.

At the age of 4 months, she was taken to one of the cordons of the reserve. Days passed and the manul explored all corners of the cordon.And on the fifth day he managed to catch a baby pika. After that, an adult was released for her, which Dana immediately caught.

One day, she left home and later, in the vicinity of the cordon, they saw a female manul with small kittens.

Perhaps it was Dana, because an ordinary wild manul would never have come so close to people and even with offspring.

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