Martha the cat littered in the church store! Now mommy has 2 kids native and adopted

A cute cat came to one of the temples, the women from the church shop took pity and began to feed him. And on March 8, a cat in the same church shop climbed into a box and lambed.

There is only one kitten, so probably the cat’s belly wasn’t noticeable, and she was mistaken for a cat.

Women, as best they could, took care of the cat and kitten for more than a week, but still the administration asked for a day to find another shelter for this sunny family.

The cat is formerly domestic, very tame and affectionate.

So they turned to volunteers, so the cat Martha ended up with us. An overexposure was found, but they lent us a cage for them for a few days, we really need help in buying a cage for Martha and the kids.

Today our kitty was given the same mole rat, an adopted baby.He was brought from a cat that feeds six kittens thrown into a garbage container, the cat is very hard and the baby doesn’t have enough milk.

Martochka, without hesitation, immediately accepted this gray-white treasure, licked it, and now the whole family is insanely happy, warm and safe.

The kittens are very small, it is still far from the attachment. We will also look for owners for the kitty, of course, after sterilization!

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