Meet Alba, the only albino orangutan. She was rescued from a rusty cage and now she has a whole island

Meet the only living on earth incredible orangutan named Alba. And its uniqueness is that Alba is an albino.

More recently, she had a very unenviable fate. But they rescued her in the village of Tangiran on the distant island of Kalamantan four years ago. It is believed that at a very young age she was taken away from her mother and natural habitat and kept in appalling conditions in an old cage.

However, activists from the Society for the Protection of Wildlife learned about this case and decided to save the animal at all costs and now she has a comfortable and well-fed life in the city’s orangutan rescue center.

Caring people want Alba to be as comfortable as possible, but, unfortunately, she simply can’t survive in her natural habitat, as she is not adapted to this.

It is for this reason that in the fall of 2020, the volunteers made an amazing decision.They opened a fundraiser to build Alba their own island and they were able to realize it.

Now Alba lives on his own island of ten hectares, where conditions are created that resemble the natural habitat as much as possible. And so that she would not be lonely and sad, three more fellow tribesmen will be added to her.

It’s very pleased that there are caring people in the world who will take care of living beings and we wish Alba health and long life on her personal island.

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