Mom dog with puppies still waiting for her owner for a few days..

Dogs are human’s best friend, but unfortunately, not everyone thinks so. Every day, every hour, there are still so many mistreated dogs around us.

Luckily, there are still amazing people with gold hearts on this planet. Immediately after the dog shelter found out about the abandoned mother dog with her newborn babies, they immediately went after them.

It was obvious that the dog and her cubs had been ruthlessly abandoned on the side of the road a few days ago. Some people tried to help, but the mother dog refused any food that was given to her, she even growled at them. Apparently, the dog was still waiting for its owner.

All, of course, did not go as the poor dog had hoped. She stubbornly lay for several days, but the owner never returned.

When rescuers arrived, the situation changed. The mother dog seemed a little depressed. She accepted the help of rescuers and even ate a little. Maybe she knew that she was abandoned forever. Maybe she stopped waiting.

After feeding the mother, the rescuers continued their search and found a total of three puppies, whose eyes had not even opened yet.

The dog, which was named Molly, and her puppies were safely delivered to the shelter, where they can now live peacefully, have a lot of food and affection. We hope Molly and her cubs find a new home soon.

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