Mother bear could not save her drowning cubs, but brave Karelian fishermen rushed to the help

This incredible incident happened in Karelia. With the beginning of the cold season, all reservoirs are covered with ice and the water becomes very dangerous. At the same time, both people and animals should be careful. It is for this reason that animals try to swim to the other side without fail until bitter frosts set in.

This is exactly what a mother bear once did with her cubs. She swam in front, and the cubs were behind and very soon began to lag far behind their mother. They could not stay afloat and the mother had already swum to the shore.But she did not have enough strength to swim back and save her babies who were already drowning in an icy lake.

Luckily, there was a group of fishermen on a boat passing by. They saw this picture and decided to act quickly and help the kids. The mother bear noticed a boat with people, which headed towards her cubs and began to worry. She growled and tossed from side to side.

The fishermen were quite experienced to understand that it is better not to touch the cubs, since it is impossible to predict the reaction of the mother bear.

But it was also impossible to throw them away, and a net for catching fish came to the rescue. Using it, they caught the cubs and put them into the boat.

It was a very difficult process, but by joint efforts, they managed to successfully carry out an operation to save the cubs.

But there was another obstacle their mother. If the fishermen had swum to the other side, she would most likely attacked them. That is why they did not approach the shore, but floated along. In the process, they landed bear cubs in turn. Their mother immediately rushed and quickly took the cubs into the forest.

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