Mother cat covered her kittens with her body, hiding them from the rain

A family from the Bronx, USA, discovered a stray cat in their yard that was hiding something under its body. It was raining heavily and the residents of the house decided to help the cat, when they suddenly saw that she was hiding the most precious thing her babies. Three kittens were squeaking and it was cold outside.

Residents immediately contacted Little Wanderers NYC and volunteers took the feline family to safety. For them, they immediately found an overexposure, where they were sent on the same day.

The mother cat wasn’t even afraid of a new place.She boldly stepped out of the carrier into the house and carried her babies out.

The cat realized that she and her kittens were safe here, so she felt calm. While the guardian was weighing and checking the health of the kittens, the mother cat watched her carefully, but didn’t show any aggression. All three kittens were absolutely healthy and active.

Since that day, mommy and kittens finally relaxed,and enjoyed every day next to caring guardians and each other. The cat turned out to be very caring and attentive, and she was immediately given the nickname Mama. In addition to being a mother, she also enjoys exploring the home and asking for affection.

So the kids are growing up active and happy and Mom is only happy about this. When they grow up enough, permanent owners will be found for them and their mother herself.

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