Mother dog of golden color gave birth to very unusual and unexpected babies

John and Katie are employees of a homeless animal shelter in South Carolina. And it was from the shelter that they took the dog Rosie, a pretty golden color.

So she lived with the couple for several years and then surprised them by expecting offspring. The couple was happy about the event and they were looking forward to the cubs and dreamed of babysitting them.

And now Rosie gave birth to four cubs and very easily. Only one circumstance greatly surprised them — none of them looked like their mother,so they were fundamentally different from her.

And the thing is that four cubs, all as one, were born with a spotted color, reminiscent of Dalmatians and not spotted at all.

Katie and John were amused and fascinated by the cubs and even jokingly called them cows. The couple expected the birth of golden offspring, the same as Rosie, but most likely they weren’t attentive to their pet, who met a Dalmatian somewhere.

Rosie turned out to be a very caring mother, taking care of her kids. And when they grew up, they were distributed among caring families.

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