Mother dog rushed to the car so as not to be separated from her nine babies

Fortunately, this dogs family which was thrown into the street, was rescued in a timely manner and they were even lucky to be reunited. The story began when an animal rescue organization received a call that a whole litter of dogs had been abandoned on the side of the road.

It was terrible that there were no free places in the city at that time.So the volunteers were forced to leave food for the puppies and make a plan how and where to pick them up. They took one to the vet because he refused to eat.

Information about the kids was posted on the social neworks and there were people who recognized this family. They said that the puppies were abandoned by their neighbor and their mother cried after them for a long time.

Volunteers took the puppies and took them to the nearby place where they lived. And the mother-dog saw them from the yard, but was afraid to approach them. Therefore, people left the babies in the open trunk of the car, hoping that the dog wouldn’t be afraid and would come to them.

Convinced that she wasn’t in danger, she ran to them and began to sniff to make sure that it was her cubs. And when she was convinced of this, then fear had already ceased to affect her and she went after the woman who sometimes fed her and her cubs.

As soon as the reunion took place, everyone was taken to the shelter and the whole family. As soon as the family is cured and they receive the necessary vaccinations, they will all be placed in caring families.

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