Musical Animals cover the main theme of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

When the talented guitarist sat down with his little ones, he planned to show them some cute animal videos. He did not know that this would lead to him creating a hit version of one of the most popular theme songs.

The first video he showed his two daughters was of a duck who would drum when his parent picked him up. He was impressed, but as soon as he heard the Husky’s howl a trio of familiar notes, he had an idea.

The theme song of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly is a song that transcends its film. The quick trill of the melody has become synonymous with the concept of a Western.

Since first appearing in the 1966 film, the theme has been recreated in several different formats. But none of them were as hilarious and adorable as this guitarist’s version.

His version of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly theme began with the light tapping of the drumming duck. On the other side of the screen, the guitarist started playing classical guitar accompaniment.

But the duck wasn’t the only performer to join for the cover. The Husky took the classic trill and a ginger cat followed with the rest of the vocals.

How this guitarist kept a straight face throughout this performance, we will never know. One thing is certain. Whether you are a fan of western films, a guitarist or an animal lover, you will adore this hilarious cover.

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