Nobody needed dog suffered from hunger and loneliness and waited for help

The life of this charming dog began with the fact that she stayed on the street. She had no owners, no home. But there was a terrible scabies from which the poor thing suffered.

Alas, at first no one paid attention to the dog, which wandered alone one of the Korean towns.Various dangers lay in wait for her: from the attack of large stray dogs to the threat of falling into the meat lovers dog.

It’s possible that it was the scabies that helped her avoid the fate of being eaten. That’s just the situation in which our heroine found herself, didn’t get any easier from this. Sick, hungry and homeless, Dodam, as the dog was later called, needed help.

When she was finally found, she had a rather advanced form of scabies. The hair fell off the dog in clumps and the whole appearance indicated that she simply needed treatment. Luckily, Korean volunteers found her and gave her medical attention.

Soon the wounds disappeared, the manifestation of the infection remained in the past and the glorious dog began to look prettier in front of our eyes. Her hair grew back and nothing reminded her of a terrible disease. But she still had no owners and Dodam remained in the shelter.

Soon they found out about her in the USA where the pet was transported. She ended up in a New York orphanage where she was prepared for «adoption». And just recently, our glorious heroine was noticed by kind people! They decided to give her their love and a cozy home.

Volunteers described Dodam as a kind and inquisitive dog, but very shy. She needs to get used to the new conditions before trusting, but when this happens, the pet is ready to open her heart to love! They are sure that the owners just need to be patient and in return they will receive unlimited devotion.

Well, we have no doubt that Dodam fell in love at first sight because this dog is so nice! Well, patience will certainly be rewarded with love and trust on her part.

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