Old elephant can’t hold back tears as he was rescued after 50 years of torment

The story of an elephant named Raja has become one of the most popular in the network. The unfortunate animal spent 50 years chained and only very recently the time has come for his release.

The footage shows how Raja, rescued from difficult conditions, now lives in the Indian Elephant Conservation Center. He calmly walks there and realized that you can live in peace and not be offended.

His transformation is simply incredible and is another proof that these animals are very strong and hardy and are able to overcome even difficult trials.

When a group of animal rights activists finally got Raju out of captivity, he was so happy that it was simply impossible to hold back tears, looking at this sight. Yes, and the elephant himself struck everyone when tears glistened in his eyes and rolled down his face.

Elephants have a very high intelligence and then the animal realized that here it was, the moment of his salvation after he suffered for half a century. Fortunately, now the elephant is doing well and he will live out in comfortable conditions. But thousands more of these majestic animals are ignored and offended by people for their own selfish purposes.

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