On the lake were heard the cry of a man and the howl of a dog

This exciting story happened on a winter day in Sterling, Massachusetts. The man went for a walk with his dog named Max. The pet ran briskly through the snow, but suddenly a lake lured him. Without thinking twice he ran on thin ice and at that moment fell into the water.

The owner didn’t allow the thought that he would lose his pet. The fearless man rushed after Max, but couldn’t resist and also fell. The ice literally broke under him into pieces and the poor fellow found himself in frosty water.

It was clear that the two of them couldn’t manage and the victims urgently needed help. The dog’s heartbreaking howl and the cries of the owner were heard and they hurried to the rescue. The person who played an important role in the fate of the man and the dog was a bystander named Daniel Klochkovsky. According to him, he noticed the owner and the dog and tried to pull them out, but couldn’t even reach out because the ice was too fragile. Then Daniel called 911 and explained the situation.

A moment later the ill-fated lake already had rescuers who came to the rescue. Realizing that the ice could crumble under their feet, firefighters used special equipment. People literally crawled on a smooth surface to get to the affected.

The man was pulled out without difficulty, so the rescuers focused on Max who was terribly panicked. The poor dog was so «screaming» and nervous that he couldn’t be reached. Finally, the pet managed to be dragged onto a special «sleigh», after which he alive and happy ended up on the shore.


Now both affected feel well despite the fact that they have been in ice water for at least half an hour.

Firefighters warn that if the dog fell into the water, then in no case should you jump after him trying to get the dog. The best option is to call them right away and help will be provided professionally.

Well, we are very glad that this situation didn’t turn into a tragedy and we sincerely thank everyone who participated in the rescue of Max and his owner.

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