On the street, a girl found her dream: exhausted, hungry and sad

Natasha has long dreamed of having a Labrador that will become her faithful protector and good friend. The girl could not even imagine that she would meet her dream just in the middle of the street. The dog was thin and shivering from the cold, she stood not far from the store and looked at people with a look full of pleas for help. There was a bowl not far from the dog, sometimes buyers left food for the animal in it.

The dog looked terrible and only by its smooth fur could one understand that it was a thoroughbred animal. Natasha bought food for the animal, and while the dog was eating, the girl managed to get a better look at it and notice the features that indicated that it was a Labrador.

It also became clear that the dog used to live in the house and had owners, but Natasha also saw that the previous owners mistreated the animal, this was evidenced by numerous scars on his head.

Natasha immediately decided that she would take the dog. The girl named her Wanda and took her to the vet. The doctor’s conclusion was disappointing — Vanda needed treatment. Natasha and Wanda strictly followed all the doctor’s orders and very soon the dog got better.

Although Natasha and her pet had to go through many difficulties, they shivered very quickly. Wanda turned out to be smart and kind, for her mistress she became a true friend and an excellent protector.

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