One in a million. This golden retriever was born with a rare spot on his face and became an Instagram star

The popular Golden Retriever breed can range in color from typically golden to light cream. However, our today’s hero, a dog named Enzo, does not fall under this standard and is distinguished by a very unusual color.He has a large black spot in half of the muzzle, and it is this feature that gives him a special raisin.

Thanks to his unique appearance, Enzo has already become a celebrity on Instagram, where he has a lot of followers, about 200 thousand. As you can see, Enzo can give odds in popularity to many celebrities.

Enzo lives in the US state of Texas with his owners. His mistress is a fifteen-year-old girl Clarissa Castro who immediately liked the dog precisely because of her appearance.

She remembers that when she brought him home as a puppy, her family was a little surprised by her choice.Enzo did not look like a typical golden retriever, but then they very quickly accepted and fell in love with him.Now the dog is a full-fledged family member who conquered everyone with his kind, playful and friendly nature.

The owner claims that her pet is incredibly sociable and gets along even with complete strangers and even with other types of animals.

Note that experts say that the peculiarity of Enzo’s color is due to a rare genetic mutation, but it has no effect on the health of the animal. Do you like this wonderful dog? Write your opinion in the comments.

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