One of the cats died and the second rushed along the road waiting for help

While driving along the road the volunteers of one of the Serbian shelters noticed a tiny kitten.

The sight was sad.The kid couldn’t understand what had happened to his brother and tried to somehow “revive” him. Alas, most likely, the baby was hit by a car and therefore it was impossible to “reach out” to the poor thing.

The saddened volunteers experienced a sharp sense of pity. Especially at the moment when they realized that the little ones, obviously, someone left here without a mother. Life together turned out to be difficult for them: two kittens were too small to survive without a mother!

Despite the sad situation, the volunteers were glad that one baby survived at least. The red-and-white baby was picked up and he immediately reached out to the man. Perhaps the kitten was afraid, but the volunteer still managed to win him over. The kid stretched out his paw and touched the man’s face.

Soon he was brought to the shelter, where there were other cats. The «boy» was introduced to the inhabitants of the «cat» room. The baby who was named Tom, turned out to be quite friendly and didn’t hesitate. On the contrary, he calmly sat down next to the kittens he didn’t know and began to devour the food the treat. By the way, the baby turned out to be the only red-and-white cat among all!

The time quickly got away and six months later Tom turned into a well-fed handsome man. He gained weight, grew up and is now full of energy. Now the cat is waiting for only one thing — to find a family that will gladly take him to their home and give him care and love.

It’s great that volunteers found Tom six months ago and saved his life. It is possible that he would have met the same bitter fate as his brother.

Let be happy the cute,red-white creature!

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