Only an excellent observer manages to find the hidden face in this image.

Many times, our eyes and our senses in general are put to the test. This happens because there are images and color combinations that are truly complex to analyze. But, with the right training, it’s possible to improve both our senses and cognitive abilities. According to researchers, just 30 minutes of exercise a day can lead to really significant results. To improve, all you need to do is train with fun mental tests. And today, we want to propose one of these fun exercises. We challenge you to find the hidden face in the image in just 10 seconds.

Only a truly trained observer manages, in the short time given, to find the hidden face in the image. You have only 10 seconds, so set your timers, and let’s officially begin the challenge. To increase the adrenaline and fun, you could challenge friends and family to discover who among you is the most skilled and quickest.

Here’s the image, as you can see, there’s a bear depicted. But in this image, a human face is hidden. In just 10 seconds, you’ll need to find it, to prove to the whole world that you have truly excellent skills. Sharpen your eyesight and test your mental abilities with this visual test.

Thanks to tests like this, you can train your mental abilities in a fun and quick way. Every day, it would be advisable to carve out some time to dedicate to our brains. But, just like in the gym, it takes consistency and dedication to achieve and maintain results.

But, the 10 seconds given for this challenge are up, so it’s time to reveal the solution to this visual test. Are you curious to find out where the face is hidden in the bear image? Let’s find out together.

Visual test: solution. Here’s where the face is hidden, we’ve circled it to make it easily identifiable. If you found the face in 10 seconds, congratulations, your sight and mind are truly skilled. If, however, you didn’t manage to pass this challenge, don’t worry, you just need more practice.

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