Orphaned baby elephants lined up to hug the woman who saved their lives

Today,every year more than 20,000 elephants are poached for ivory , leaving many orphans. But there are people who are struggling with this terrible phenomenon.

And Dr. Daphne Sheldrick is one of those who protect these wonderful animals. She works for the Wildlife Foundation in Kenya.

They saved hundreds of elephants from the hands of poachers and the elephants are immensely grateful to them for this.

The Wildlife Sanctuary works hard to protect the elephants as they are hunted every day. They also set up a shelter to care for orphaned elephants.

Dr. Sheldrick has been caring for baby elephants in Nairobi since the 1960s, when more than 50 of them lost their mothers and families.

Elephants are social animals that live in large family groups. Elephants require a lot of care and attention and would have a sad end without the devotion of their family. As adults, they live in close-knit families until the age of 80. Dr. Sheldrick saved the elephants by coming to Africa and caring for them so they can survive even as poachers do their best to capture them.

The elephants, in their behavior, are so charming.They line up and patiently wait for their love from Dr. Sheldrick. Her affection and attention are needed by the elephants, who line up around the clock for their portion of love and care.

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