People noticed a cat that looked into the pipe. They approached and heard a «cry» coming from there

Once, near a long and curved metal pipe, eyewitnesses noticed a cat. She stuck her head inside all the time and couldn’t calm down. It was clear that something was bothering her, but people had no idea what it was.

One of the residents of the house, noticing the cat and turned to volunteers for help. People who were also not indifferent to the fate of a homeless animal came to the rescue.

Approaching the metal structure, the volunteer heard a heart-rending «cry» that was heard from there. It was not necessary to guess for a long time to understand that a kitten had landed in the chimney. It turns out that the cat was looking for him and was so worried.

«Armed» with a camera and tools people went to save the baby. The distance from him was 10 meters and it was necessary to rationally use the technique in order to rescue the «captive» without harming him. By the way the cat all this time did not take her eyes off the process.

Finally got to the baby. It turned out to be a «girly» calico color. She was pulled out and quickly wrapped in a blanket. The baby stared her frightened eyes, not yet realizing that she had been saved.

Veterinarians immediately gave her an injection with nutrients, because the baby was starving and now needed vitamins. After that, they put her in a cage and opened the door. The volunteers wanted to understand how the cat would behave.

At that moment something happened that those present did n’t expect at all: the kitten jumped out of the cage and rushed to run! A moment later, the cat followed. And soon they were noticed together.They were peacefully sitting on the roof.

Well, people were satisfied, because they managed to pull them out of the pipe. And then they are sure everything will be fine.

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