People noticed that the seal on the stones didn’t move and sounded the alarm

Walking along the beach in England, people noticed a young seal sitting on the rocks. At first everyone thought that the baby was just resting.

But already on the way back, seeing that he hadn’t moved, the people became worried. It turns out the seal is stuck!

Usually animals manage to get out of such traps on their own. But this time, the poor fellow was stuck so tightly that he simply couldn’t get out.

Rescuers immediately went to help the seal. They arrived at the scene to assess the situation. Probably the kid was trying to get over the rocks when something scared him a lot. He slid back and was trapped.

The rescuers understood that it would take a lot of time and effort to free the captive. The little seal watching how people gather around him, patiently waited and didn’t show fear, as if realizing that they wanted to help him.

First, the rescue workers made sure that the baby would not slip down into the hole, and then they tried to develop a plan to get him out of there. And, you know, it was much easier said than done.


Simply pulling out the seal didn’t work, because it could be injured. Then the rescuers carefully wrapped the animal’s face in a towel to somehow reduce the stress, and then put their hands into the hole and carefully pulled it out.

To everyone’s satisfaction, the seal was safe and sound after everything experienced. Rescuers quickly examined him to once again make sure that he wasn’t injured.And then released him back into the wild.

Fortunately, this baby was found just in time, and thanks to the coordinated actions of the rescuers, he was saved!

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