People, why are you doing this to me? Why was it thrown out? I’m not garbage, I’m alive

“What did I do to deserve what people did to me? I am alive, I feel and understand, but I was thrown away as a thing that will never be useful again. They often write to me that I devote too much time to abandoned animals, I am too agentic on this. I want to say that for me this is a way to influence those who do not understand that to drive an animal out of your face is a betrayal.

I do not invent and do not embellish, I talk about what is happening in reality. There are too many of us who confuse animals and toys, who take a pet when they get bored and get rid of it after a couple of months or weeks. Seeing such an attitude towards animals, the children of these people will think that this is normal, and then completely reproduce everything that their parents did.

Children are like sponges, absorbing what they see around them. I’m not trying to offend anyone with my stories, I just want to show that if we change our behavior, our world will change a little for the better. Among the people there are those who have been looking for their missing animals for months, who feed and treat homeless kids at their own expense, but there are also those who simply throw animals into the street without feeling any regrets.

That story about a little puppy that his owners thought was garbage, because it is he who goes to the landfill and that is where they threw the puppy. The kid does not know how he lives on. Of course, there is hope that a family and a home will be found for him, that he will be surrounded by love and care and will give even more love and affection in return.

The fidelity of dogs is well known, books and films are devoted to it. Don’t be afraid to take your dog off the street. These animals know the price of love and are capable of great fidelity. Those who betray animals, who get rid of them, sending them to live on the street — these people lose their best friend, the most faithful and devoted, the one who remains close in any situation.

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