Photographer saves barely alive teddy bear at the risk of going to jail

Corey Hancock is a professional photographer and one day he was walking slowly and noticed a small spot darkening in the distance among the leaves. He came up and saw a bear cub there.

The young man recalls that by all external signs he was already lifeless. His lips were blue, his eyes parted, but cloudy and motionless. It was the rainy season and the animal was soaking wet. But Corey still felt weak breathing.

The photographer admitted that at that moment he thought about his very young son and the bear cub was the same child and he simply could not leave him in the rain in this state.

He took the animal in his arms and ran to the car. But throughout the journey, he had a fear that a bear would attack him, as the animals might leave their cubs for a while to look for food. But Corey, after watching a little, realized that there was no other animal nearby.

As soon as he ran to the car, the bear’s breathing stopped completely and he began to give him artificial respiration to revive him. The veterinarian found that the animal was malnourished and dehydrated.

But there was one problem under that state’s Fish and Wildlife Act, he could pay a $6,000 fine for helping an animal, or even spend a year behind bars.

In general, it isn’t uncommon for people, in their opinion, to save cubs by taking them away, but in fact their mothers simply went away to find food. But this time everything worked out.

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