Pit bull tried to show from a shelter what a good pet he was until his family adopted him

The dream of every dog is to find its own home and loving owners, however, unfortunately, many tails are deprived of this.

So this adorable pit bull named Rush was filmed at an animal shelter and he was desperately trying to prove to his future owners what an ideal pet he could be.

Rush clutches the blanket in his mouth and tries to make the bed, and very carefully, which he apparently wanted to show his domesticity.

The shelter published this video on the social network and the couple, having seen this touching video, immediately fell in love with the dog. Rush, on the other hand, was very glad to see the spouses and met them, joyfully wagging his tail.

They explained that their pets had passed away twice and now it was very difficult for them to decide on the next one.However, they decided to take a chance when they saw this pit bull and really wanted to give happiness to him.

And Rush shows by his own example that the stereotypes about the difficult nature of such a breed as a pit bull are wrong and they can be very faithful and devoted, as well as well-mannered and affectionate.

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