Police dog helped find and rescue a woman with a child on her first day of work

In Britain, a police dog named Jack saved a woman with a child on his first day of work.

The incident took place in Powys, Wales. Maria, along with her child, left by car for a short trip and disappeared.Her family couldn’t contact her for two days. Her mobile phone was unavailable. The family called the police.

Police officer Peter Lloyd joined the investigation with his four-legged partner, a service shepherd. This exercise for Jack was the first big thing.

Jack was the first to follow the trail and found the car wedged in chunks of rock between a ravine and a mountainside. A woman and a child were blocked in the car.

The baby and his mother managed to get out a few hours later. They were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

“I am glad that during our first operation, Max and I were able to find the missing people. Max stayed focused throughout the long search,” said Peter.

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