Police officer adopts kitten after being rescued from engine bay

In an amazing act of kindness, NYC cops adopted a kitten they rescued after it got stuck between a car engine and a firewall. Fortunately, the baby survived.

The Ramapo Police Department, based in Suffern, shared photos of the incident showing officers peering into the hood of a car to check its running gear. We are amazed at what these cops went to to save this kitten.It shows how much they care about a defenseless little one.

“Officers found a kitten stuck between the engine and the fire wall,” the report said. «The officers used a car jack and were able to get the kitten out.»

The search was joined by emergency personnel from the city’s ambulance corps who arrived well-trained with pet first aid kits, according to the Ramapo City Police Department.Fortunately, the kitten’s life was saved, although it was incredibly difficult to do so.

One of the officers, Christine Winter who participated in the rescue operation, adopted a kitten and gave him an eternal home. The four-week-old cat, whom Kristin named Otto, is now part of the family and has joined Ella, who is also a street rescued cat.

May we all have the time and at the same time the great happiness and pleasure of caring for and adopting pets that have been waiting together for years in animal shelters to have a permanent home and family to call their own.

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