Polish animal rights activists were able to save the life of a dog that could no longer walk

Poor dog Lizka lived in Poland. The animal is practically unable to walk and this is not because she was born sick, but because her owner was a ruthless monster.

He locked the unfortunate in a cramped and rusty cage, sparingly and rarely gave food and hardly cleaned up after her. The defenseless Lizka lived in a cramped cage, hungry and deprived of such a natural opportunity for all living things as to walk free, run and frolic.

The animal rights activists arrived just in time, because she couldn’t endure a little more of such a life. But by chance, a volunteer organization in the Polish city of Gdynia became aware of it, and it was they who took care of saving the dog.

Lizka is undergoing rehabilitation, which will last quite a long time. The shelter staff assured that now every occasion to breathe fresh air is a real holiday for the dog.

At first in the shelter she was very intimidated and scared.She behaved stiffly and now volunteers are teaching her to walk, as a long stay in a cage deprived her of this opportunity and skill.

And therefore, every day, Lizka is given massages to relax her muscles in parallel with the treatment. And we wish the dog a quick recovery and never again face such horrors.

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