Pregnant and abandoned. The owners left the dogs but they still waited for their return

In the fate of the dog, nicknamed Elli have come difficult times . No one knows exactly what happened to this poor fellow. A couple of months ago, Ellie was found on the doorstep of a house in Costa Rica. The crumbs had neither food nor drink, in addition to this, she was waiting for offspring.

Residents of a neighboring house photographed the dog. Then they called Tanya Capelluti.She was a worker from an animal rescue organization. They told Tanya that the owners of the house had left, leaving the unfortunate dog behind.

The poor animal didn’t believe in the betrayal of the owners. Ellie sat in front of the door all the time and waited for their return.

Tanya realized that she needed to act quickly. For Ellie, it was necessary to find a foster home so that she wouldn’t give birth on the street. The dog needed that person who would help her survive the disgusting act of the former owners.

Soon, Ellie was taken in by Wynn McKee. There she could feel safe and calm. That was what she had been missing for so long. Ellie soon gave birth to seven cubs.

It was clear that Ellie had a great sense of gratitude for her savior. After all, it was he who gave her the opportunity to calmly take care of her babies. When Wynn approached Ellie she shone like a Christmas tree.

Among the seven puppies there were five boys and one girl. The kids were given nicknames: Boy, Hunter, Dino, Gretel, Ani, Bruno, Uni.

The babies grow by the hour, not by the day .But each of them didn’t find owners.Anyway this story can’t be called complete. For Ellie herself, the owner was found very quickly.

Following Ellie found the owner Bruno. We hope that soon the rest of the kids will find a home. Thanks to all the kind people for helping Ellie. If not for these good people, the dog would never have found a happy life.

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