Prosthetic dog survives in Afghanistan and receives highest animal honor

This dog with prosthetic limbs after she managed to get out alive in a firefight in order to be able to save people. A four-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Malinois Cuno served in the British Special Forces based in Afghanistan.

He proved by his own example that there is no better friend for a man than a dog. She is a retired service dog and was injured while helping the British Special Forces fight Al-Qaeda and that’s when she was awarded the Deakin Medal.

It was presented by the People’s Department of Animal Affairs and is the highest degree of award that can be awarded to an animal that served in the British forces. And to make it clearer, this is equivalent to winning the Victoria Cross, the British version of the Medal of Honor.

The charity’s veterinarian said the dog was a true hero and was awarded the medal for his bravery during an operation in Afghanistan two years ago. During the operation, he was deployed to assist British troops in an attack against a heavily armed al-Qaeda.

Unfortunately, the troops on both sides could not avoid losses. Guide Kuno ran to attack the rebels and then discovered a cache of hidden explosives.

Struck by the unexpected appearance of the dog, the militant fired a shot in the dark and thus the dog injured its hind legs.But continued to move and attacked the shooter, biting his hand and knocking him down, thereby saving people. And only when the stormtroopers failed to enter the courtyard and clear the building, the dog stopped.

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