Psychological test: the way you hold the cup reveals your virtues and flaws.

Every day, we perform thousands of actions, some calculated and precise, while others instinctive. Our gestures reveal many details, often secrets about our way of being.

In fact, these spontaneous gestures can reveal a lot about both our current mood and our approach to the world. For example, the way we position our body during a conversation says a lot about our mood. Today, we want to propose a test that evaluates just such an instinctive and spontaneous action. In fact, the way you hold the cup in your hand can reveal your virtues and your flaws.

In this test, you will have no time limits or particular rules to follow. We can only advise you to be sincere and quick in your choice. By looking at the image, choose the way you hold the cup in your hand, and you will discover your virtues and your flaws.

As you can see, you have six different possibilities, and you can choose only one. Once you have made your choice, simply find the corresponding description. Discover your personality based on how you hold the cup in your hand.

Let’s find out your virtues and flaws based on how you hold the cup in your hand.
Now we will analyze all six different possibilities proposed.

Position 1

If your choice falls on the first option, it means you are decisive and confident individuals. You know what you want in life and try to achieve it. But you also have a good heart, and you would never hurt others to achieve your goals. This character makes you natural leaders since you always know how to communicate with others. Sometimes, however, you tend to be narcissistic, and this aspect is not appreciated by those around you.

Position 2

Position two shows that you are extroverted and communicative individuals. One of your strengths is teamwork, where you excel. You know how to listen to different opinions and find solutions to problems. But when you find yourself working individually, you don’t have the same energy.

Position 3

Did you choose position number 3? This shows that you are calm and peaceful individuals. You focus a lot on rationality and logic, which leads you to distance yourself from emotions. This allows you to give your best even in complicated and delicate situations but leads you to be considered cold and detached.

Position 4

Cup number 4 represents those who tend to be very thoughtful and reflective. You always think before you act, which leads you to make few mistakes. You always tend to listen to reason and less to feelings. This leads you to shut yourself off from life and its emotions. In fact, by making mistakes, you can often have new formative experiences.

Position 5

If you chose option number 5, it means you are sentimental and passionate individuals. You approach everything with an open heart, living every experience to the fullest. But this way of being often makes you appear childish and immature.

Position 6

If your choice falls on option number 6, it means you are fun-loving and carefree individuals. You love enjoying life and all its fun, often throwing yourself into wild adventures. But often, you ignore the consequences of your actions.

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