Puppy with only two paws rescued from slaughterhouse by a kind-hearted man

In China, a Dalmatian puppy was born with a defect in the toes of the hind paw. With such a pathology, the animal could live happily ever after if it was brought to the veterinarian and the operation was performed on time.

But the so-called owners did not want to do this, and simply gave the dog to the slaughterhouse.

There, the pet lost its front paws, a piece of tail and the tops of its ears. And without anesthesia. After all, the Chinese are sure that the meat obtained in this way becomes tastier and more tender due to the release of a large amount of adrenaline during the execution.

But, fortunately, animal rights activists appeared in time to save the Dalmatian, who was given the name Emma Roux.

They took the dog to the shelter, posting her photo in their accounts. And, behold, very soon Emma had a new owner. Misha Rackliff from America, having seen the pet, immediately fell in love with her and took the animal.

Misha created an Instagram page for Emma, ​​with the help of which he raises funds for the purchase of a special stroller in which the dog could move freely.

People who are indifferent to such animals have no heart. Instead, thanks to humans like Misha, we still have hope for animals.

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