Quickly find the letter ‘E’: few people have managed to solve the puzzle in less than 15 seconds.

In this image, there is a letter ‘E’. You must find it.

This challenge is perfect for testing your vision and perceptiveness.

This visual puzzle will test both your analytical abilities and your speed of analysis. We challenge you to find the letter ‘E’ in the image in less than 15 seconds. Be careful, as simple as it may seem, you shouldn’t be too sure of yourself, as few people in my circle have managed to meet this challenge.

Test your abilities and show that you are quick to analyze a situation!

In the illustration created by genial.guru, we are shown a classroom, where a teacher is with her students. Just then, she was teaching them the letters of the alphabet when suddenly she realized that one was missing from the board.

The missing letter is ‘E’. It’s not easily visible.

There’s a time limit to find it, and you must pay special attention to every detail, so stay focused!!!

Complete image of the challenge:

The letter ‘E’ is well hidden in this illustration.

Had enough searching, thrown in the towel, and want to know the location of the letter ‘E’?

Even if you’ve exceeded the time limit, you can continue searching for the missing letter. But if you want to know the answer, we’ll tell you exactly where it is.

Look at the illustration below. Nothing more.


Here’s the letter ‘E’.

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Challenging your brain to exercise every day is one of the best things you can do to preserve your brain’s health and avoid fatigue. Stay vigilant and let us know how you’re doing by leaving a comment below!

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