Rare endangered species of wolf cubs and tiger cubs play together and watching this spectacle is incredibly touching

A close meeting of a wolf and a tiger in the wild will definitely not be so touching. But as long as these cute babies have known each other since they were two weeks old, their friendship can melt hearts.

These unusual friends, now three months old, have come together on a safari to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina where they are about to begin their journey as research animals at the Endangered and Rare Species Institute.

They were separated from their moms at a very early age.These happy friends grew up together. Moreover, they even had the same milk formula.

Surprisingly, both the tiger cubs and their fellow timber wolves seem to be unaware that nature has created them as centuries-old enemies. However, they are now happily posing for cameras together in their new home.

Although the young wolves are almost twice the size of their tiger friends (at least for now), they continue to play together and chase each other as if they were part of a litter.

In childhood, the weight of tiger cubs is less than that of wolf cubs. In the wild, wolves are more assertive and tiger cubs are quite defenseless. And already by the age of five months, tigers are already overtaking wolves in size, and then they will have to be separated and kept separately.

Let the cubs enjoy a happy friendship.

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