Rescue dog and cat become best friends and go on an adventure together

Traveling alone is nice, but it is even more interesting in the company of friends , isn’t it? And if you love to travel and also love animals, dogs and cats can be the perfect travel companions. Especially when you are accompanied by both a cat and a dog, the fun will be doubly.

Meet Henry and Baloo an unusual couple who make their owners’ trips more intense and fun. If you don’t believe in dog and cat friendship, Henry and Baloo will prove you completely wrong.

These inseparable friends seemed to be destined by fate to be together.

The beautiful four-legged tourists have been traveling with their owners Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky for several years.All of their adventurous journeys are exciting and memorable.

Baloo helps calm Henry’s worries.Henry allows Baloo to sit on his back and even climb onto his head, where he loves to rest when he gets tired on long journeys. The two friends love to do everything together, and footage of their friendship touch all animal lovers.

Luckily, Henry and Baloo’s owner, Cynthia, is a professional photographer, so even when we don’t see their wonderful adventures in real life, we can just sit back and admire their amazing photos on Instagram, where they already have quite a few followers.

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